Wedding Ring Shopping Rules

1. Narrow Your decisions

Because this is one amongst the few pieces—if not the sole piece—of jewellery you may buy along and wear on a daily basis, make some preliminary decisions before you hit the stores. What color metal do you prefer: yellow, white or rose? Are you interested in one thing straightforward or over-the-top? Work these queries intent on hone in on what you’re probing for.
2. Start Your Search Early

Once you have a basic idea of what you wish, head out to the jewellery stores. Give yourselves at least 2 months to browse, research, price and go back rings that catch your eye. Allow even additional time if you are curious about a custom piece; extras like engraving will take up to at least one month.
3. Be Different

Don’t fret if you like Pt whereas he likes yellow gold. There’s no rule that you simply ought to match metals or perhaps designs. Pick wedding bands that mirror every of your vogue sensibilities and tastes. However, some aspect of the rings (which will be as straightforward as associate inscription) ought to match.
4. Set a Budget

A plain 14k gold band starts at around $330; plain platinum bands price upward of $600 each. Diamonds can add significantly additional to the price. The price of engraving the within of the marriage band depends on the font and on whether or not you’ve got it inscribed by hand or machine.
5. Be Practical

Keep your lifestyle in mind at all times. What’s the purpose of shopping for one thing pretty if it causes you to uncomfortable otherwise you ought to take away it usually (and increase your possibilities of losing it)? bear in mind, you’ll be sporting this band on a daily basis. The idea is to decide on one thing that seamlessly becomes a locality of your life. If you work together with your hands often, look for a streamlined ring with very little to no frills.
6. Think long-run

Don’t be afraid to be stylish, but build certain the design you select are some things you may still wish to wear in twenty years (not to say to all or any the roles, PTA meetings and social functions in between).
7. Size It Right

Most people seldom take their wedding ring off. They wear them through summer, winter, exercise, pregnancy—all the times when your fingers swell and contract thanks to heat, cold, water retention and weight gain. To find the scale that may best accommodate of these changes, do your “final fitting” when you area unit calm and your blood heat is traditional. Never settle your ring size in the morning (you retain salt from the night before), after you have simply exercised (fingers swell) or once you are extraordinarily hot or cold.
8. Check for Quality

Make certain the within of the marriage band contains 2 marks: the manufacturer’s trademark (which proves they stand behind their work) and a high quality mark (“24k” or “PLAT,” for example—proves it is what they are saying it is). If the ring consists of two or additional metals, make certain there’s a high quality mark for every.
9. Clean It Often

Cleaning your wedding rings is a cinch. For a ring with no stones, simply rub it with a soft, lint-free cloth (chamois is good). If your wedding ring has stones, wash and soak it in warm, sudsy water, and gently brush with a soft toothbrush or an supercilium brush (too a lot of pressure will loosen the stone from the setting). Then rinse and pat dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
10. Protect Your Investment

Yes, metals, even platinum, are vulnerable. Avoid wearing your ring once doing rough work or sports (which will nick and scratch a ring) and once operating with focused atomic number 17, which is found in bleach, chemical cleaning solutions and swimming pool disinfectants (which will cause corrosion or discoloration to your band). Nicks and scratches are most visible on matte finishes and most simply have an effect on Pt, which is softer than white or yellow gold on the surface however additional sturdy overall. Luckily it’s simple for your jeweler to reapply or amendment the end or plating on your ring to revive its former glory.
11. Keep It Safe

You’d be surprised (and in all probability to a small degree scared) at however simple it’s to lose a hoop. Hopefully you’ve chosen one thing that you seldom ought to take away. When you completely ought to take away your ring, put it in a selected place thus you will always apprehend wherever it’s (pockets do not count), and never close to a sink. The most dangerous time to get rid of your wedding ring? When you are far from home. That’s once rings area unit most probably to be lost or set down and forgotten.

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